Focus on the Whole Child

Why focus mater


Although students do academic work every day, the Montessori curriculum focuses on developing the “whole child.”  This allows the child to develop emotionally, physically, socially, and academically.   When people look at an academic program, they specifically look at academics.   However, in the Montessori world, we believe in the philosophy that academics are insufficient to the whole child.  Montessori education is about much more than academics.  It is independence.  It is the capacity for concentration.  It is the capacity for sharing space.  It is respect for the community.

This philosophy is apparent in the way students are treated.  If a child is getting distracted or is having trouble focusing, we do not reprimand him. Instead, we try to re-ignite his interest, determine what is confusing him, or help him find another task that is more appealing.  Students are also given plenty of responsibility for maintaining the classroom, planning meals and snacks, and working through problems as they come up.  All of these are not seen as distractions from the curriculum, but important parts of the curriculum itself.

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