Food and focus

Proper Nutrition, exercise and learning go hand in hand in nurturing the development of the young child. If lacking any one of these elements, the child cannot possibly develop to his/her fullest potential. By establishing a foundation of proper eating habits and regular physical exercise the child will be far more capable of completing a task and focusing. The childwill also have emotional stability as well as the energy needed to sustain a purposeful day at school.

Starting off the morning with a fiber, protein and vitamin rich breakfast is very important for all of the reasons I listed above and it can help to prevent a “sugar crash” or emotional melt down before the next meal.

Here are some sample children-friendly breakfast ideas and the benefits of them.

A bowl of “kid friendly” oatmeal and a half of a pear-  I know this sounds like a lot of work but preparing the night before can help tremendously in that area! One serving of this oatmeal contains 4 grams of fiber (which will help to keep you full for hours), 10% of the daily iron you need, and 5 grams of protein- all with only 1 gram of sugar. The pear (which children love) contains 3 grams of fiber and a wonderful array of vitamins, potassium and natural sugar.

You can prepare enough oatmeal for the whole week on Sunday night and serve it with different fruits, nuts, etc. throughout the week.

Oatmeal with cinnamon recipe:

• Oatmeal (Country Choice Organic, Organic, Oven Toasted Oats, Quick, 18 oz.

• Cinnamon Sticks

• Agave, Honey or any natural sweetener

• Milk- soy or regular

Follow the simple directions on the oatmeal container using water. Add three cinnamon sticks and let it simmer with a lid. The next morning you can heat up the oatmeal with the milk of your choice. Mix in any fruits, nuts or even dried fruit.

You may even notice yourself feeling better, more energized and happier throughout the day by sharing this same breakfast with your child.

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